West DrivewayEdge

This is a narrow portion of the wider space between two driveways, and is on the left edge of the property as a car pulls into the driveway.  It’s shaded by trees, sloped, and the  property line is quite close to the driveway for a lot of the length.  This area does get some early and late sun.  It includes a lot of weedy/shrubby growth that hasn’t been managed.

View of Driveway from North, 6 May 2010

View of Driveway from South, 6 May 2010

There is wild bracken fern about midway up the driveway, and the neighbors have planted both native and Kousa dogwoods.

Bracken Fern & Vinca minor, 24 July 2009

Bracken Fern, 8 May 2011


Plants in table are listed from back of driveway (North) to street (South)

Qty Latin Name Common Name Notes
1 Carya sp?? Tree
1 Prunus Weeping Cherry This is a volunteer, probably planted by a bird. Flowers are more delicate than most commercial varieties.

Wild Weeping Cherry Bud, 29 March 2009

Wild Weeping Cherry Habit, 6 May 2010

1 Quercus sp Oak Tree
2 Nandina domestica ‘Leucocarpa’ Heavenly Bamboo, White Berried
3 Cornus florida Dogwood Tree on neighbor’s property
3 Cornus kousa Kousa Dogwood Tree on neighbor’s property
Pteridium aquilinum Bracken Fern mostly on neighbor’s property
Podophyllum peltatum Mayapple possibly on neighbor’s property — add more?  gather seed?
1 Carya sp Hickory Tree on neighbor’s property
1 Acer sp Maple Tree on neighbor’s property
1 Tulip Poplar on neighbor’s property
1 Colocasia ‘Madeira’ ‘Madeira’ Elephant Ear Supposedly hardy, but small plant probably didn’t survive summer
1 Hardy Palm Tree Planted in 2010 – so far so good!
1 Colocasia esculenta ‘Pink China’ ‘Pink China’ Elephant Ear Supposedly hardy, but probably didn’t survive summer
1 Ilex sp. Holly
Narcissus sp Daffodil
Vinca minor Periwinkle
1 Carya sp?? Tree on neighbor’s property

Work Notes


Summer:  Removed prickly brambles to facilitate parking


Spring:  Planted hardy palm, hardy banana and tender elephant ear.  Didn’t do well


Spring:  Planted two (hopefully) hardy elephant ears.  Try planting good sized plants here since it seems a little tough.  Could try Thai Giant next year.  Elephant ears need a LOT of water in the summer.  This spot isn’t very convenient for watering as the hose doesn’t quite reach.

Summer:  Moved a few daffodils from Front Island Bed between hardy elephant ears and palm to help locate them in early spring.


3/2012:  Planted white berried Nandina from Woodlander’s Nursery.

Future Plans

Edge with daffodils to brighten in spring

Evergreen shrubs for screening would be nice — coordinate with the neighbors

consider Pleioblastus chino ‘Murakamianus’ for screening –must be edged EVERY YEAR, even though it’s a moderate spreader



Last updated 22 March 2012


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