The lawn may have been reseeded before we moved in, but is still pitiful looking.

Front Lawn

Faces South, but shaded by mature oak trees so most areas are partial shade to partial sun.  Soil seems fairly poor and dry, with significant competition from tree roots.

Mostly shaded for at least part of the day, poor soil, dry during summer.

Front Lawn, 6 May 2010

West End Lawn

Small patch of lawn at west end of house bordering driveway.  May be run over by vehicles.  Sometimes soggy.

West End Lawn, 13 June 2009

Back Yard Lawn

Bordered by woods, retaining wall beds, very compacted soil, often very wet.


Back Yard Lawn, West End, 8 May 2011

Back Yard Lawn, East End, 8 May 2011

East End Lawn

Dug up TWICE during sewer line work Fall 2009.  Soil needs to be leveled and amended now.

East End Lawn, 8 May 2011

East End Lawn, 8 May 2011

Work Notes

Currently being mowed by neighborhood boys

Mow regularly, set mower to tall height


August:  Plumbing work dug up East End and Front Lawn to replace outgoing sewer pipe; Removed large oak in front yard to let in light; Removed two large oaks in back yard for future vegetable garden

September:  Plumbing work dug up East End and Front Lawn to replace incoming water pipe


Dug edges of beds around house; Marked edges of back yard with wood; Limbed up on Buckeye on West End where it was smothering grass; marked edges on East edge and around house with trench

Future Plans

Rake to aerate and dethatch, spread compost annually, perhaps semiannually

Aerate, lime, compost and generously reseed with high quality shade tolerant grass seed AFTER all bed edges are marked and dug (Rebel? Kentucky Bluegrass? Bella Bluegrass plugs? Microclover?)

Water through first year to establish new lawn.

Last updated 15 January 2012


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