Front Island Bed

This is a roughly oval bed, bisected at the eastern end by the sidewalk from the street to the house.   It is fairly close to the street, receives sun for only part of the day, and can be quite dry during the summer.  South facing, sunny, may be poorly drained, may get dry in summer.


Plants in table are listed from left (West) to right (East) facing the house.

Qty Latin Name Common Name Notes
1 Buddleia davidii ‘Nanho Blue’ Butterfly Bush ‘Nanho Blue’
3 Asclepias tuberosa ‘Hello Yellow’ Butterfly Weed ‘Hello Yellow’ died
3 Salvia guaranatica Black & Blue Sage Died
3 Papaver sp Poppies, Orange From Catherine
Linum rubrum Red Flax Seeded 3/24/2012
Limnanthes douglasii Fried Eggs Seeded 3/24/2012
3 Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed
Nepeta × faassenii ‘Walker’s Low’ Catmint ‘Walker’s Low’
1 Iris ? / Belmacanda Bearded Iris / Blackberry Lily
1 Forsythia x intermedia Forsythia
1 Chaenomeles x superba ‘Crimson and Gold’ Flowering Quince ‘Crimson & Gold’ Consider adding a pollinator
Consolida chinensis Larkspur Wintered over from 2011, seeded 3/24/2012
Crepis rubra Hawkweed Seeded 3/24/2012
1 Abelia x grandiflora ‘Panache’ Abelia Silver Anniversary
1 Prunus domestica ‘Stanley’ Plum ‘Stanley’
25 Allium moly ‘Jeanine’ NE Corner under Stanley Plum, planted Fall 2011
5 Allium falcifolium NE Corner under Stanley Plum, planted Fall 2011
Allium tuberosum Garlic Chives SW Corner under Stanley Plum, planted Spring 2011 after growing from seed
Consolida ambigua Seeded 3/24/2012
Papaver paeoniflorum Seeded 3/24/2012
Bupleurum rotundifolium Seeded 3/24/2012
1 Iris ? 2 Bearded Iris
1 Iris ? 3 Bearded Iris
3 Papaver sp Poppies, Orange from Catherine
3 Kalmia latifolia ‘Ostbo Red’ Mountain Laurel ‘Ostbo Red’ 2 died — need deer protection
1 Leycesteria formosa ‘Notbruce’ Golden Lanterns Pheasant Berry Died
1 Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ Redbud ‘Forest Pansy’ Purple spring foliage
Monarda didyma Beebalm
1 Prunus domestica ‘Early Laxton’ Plum ‘Early Laxton’
25 Allium moly ‘Jeanine’ NE Corner under Early Laxton Plum, planted Fall 2011
5 Allium falcifolium NE Corner under Early Laxton Plum, planted Fall 2011
Allium tuberosum Garlic Chives SW Corner under Early Laxton, planted Spring 2011 after growing from seed
Veronica spicata Blue Veronica
Papaver commutatum Ladybird Poppies Annual.  seeded 3/24/2012
Chrysanthemum leucanthemum Oxeye Daisy
10 Taxus baccata? Yew
1 Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’ Goldenrod ‘Fireworks’
3 Aster ‘Marie III’ Aster
Lysimachia mummularia aurea Yellow Creeping Jenny
Narcissus sp. Daffodils, mixed
3 Aster ‘Magic’ Aster ‘Magic’
1 Anemone x ‘September Charm’
Lysimachia mummularia aurea? Yellow? Creeping Jenny
Epimedium sp.
Liriope sp Variegated Liriope
1 Quercus sp Oak Tree
5 Colchicum sp

Work Notes


Expanded existing bed.  Part of the reason for expanding the bed was the line of daffodils straggling into the lawn.  Of course, it’s great to have more space for flowers too!

Original Size of Bed, 18 March 2009

Daffodils Straggling into Lawn, 29 March 2009

In the spirit of Lasagna gardening, if not the letter, to kill the existing grass, I started by spraying with Roundup.  After the grass looked dead, the Chief of Implementation and I covered the ground with cardboard and a heavy layer of mulch.  After leaving the mulch and cardboard through Fall and Winter the expanded bed was ready for planting the following Spring.

Digging the Edge, Smothering with Cardboard, and...

Covering with Mulch, 16 August 2009


Added plants from Evelyn and from Mary’s Greenhouse.

Redbud in Bloom, 10 April 2010

Newly Planted Bed, 6 May 2010


3/28/2011:  Built raised beds and added plum trees.

4/2011:  Added more plants from Evelyn and from Mary’s Greenhouse after Bloom & Garden Expo.

5/15/2011:  Planted out winter sown seedlings.

Newly Planted Plum Trees, 28 March 2011

Front Island Bed, Left (West) Side, 8 May 2011

Front Island Bed, Right (East) Side, 8 May 2011

Summer: Rearranged some daffodils and moved a few to the West Edge of the Driveway.


1/27/2012:  Added 3 poppies from Catherine by Halloween sign & 3 by Kalmia bushes

3/24/2011:  Overseeded with hardy annuals

  • Consolida chinensis? ‘Gentian Blue’ and Crepis rubra
  • Consolida ambigua ‘Giant Imperial Mix’,Papaver paeoniflorum ‘Summer Fruits’ and Bupleurum rotundifolium ‘Green Gold’
  • Linum rubrum and Limnanthes douglasii
  • Papaver commutatum (by Oxeye daisies & future Veronica)

Future Plans

Fence around pears & Mountain Laurels

Replace yew with something deer resistant, perhaps taller & with winter interest

Divide & rearrange daffodils and add to driveway and woods in back

Fill in bed with more perennials

Use lots of bright colors here (close to the street)

Mailbox Garden

Future garden around mailbox and tree trunk

Last updated 22 March 2012


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