Front East Edge

The East edge of the lot is a wide irregular line of trees and shrubs with some perennials added.  The front portion runs from the street to the front of the house.  About half of it is on the east neighbor’s property.  Since the neighbor’s front yard is mostly sunny lawn, there’s a lot of morning light here and some afternoon light too.


Plants in table are listed from street (South) to house (North) facing East.

Qty Latin Name Common Name Notes
Cornus florida Dogwood Already here, Spring 2009
Forsythia Already here, Spring 2009
Liriope ? Monkey Grass Already here, Spring 2009
10 Lilium tigrinum splendens Tiger Lilies Add porterweed over & blue star junipers in front of
Muscari azureum? Grape Hyacinths
5 Stokesia ‘Blue Danube’
5 Allium schubertii
Mystery Shrub Red leaves in autumn, Already here, Spring 2009

Mystery Shrub, 25 Oct 2009

Rhododendron sp Azalea Already here, Spring 2009

Pink Azalea #1, 1 May 2010

Pink Azalea #2, 8 May 2011

Narcissus sp Already here, Spring 2009
Cosmos sulfureous S of Moonglow pear (add yellow four o’clocks?)
Foeniculum vulgare Bronze Fennel S of Moonglow pear
1 Pyrus communis ‘Seckel’ Pear ‘Seckel’ Burnt Ridge
25 Tulips sylvestris SW corner under Seckel
Allium tuberosum Garlic Chives May have died, may have planted tulips here (oops!)
1 Pyrus communis ‘Moonglow’ Pear ‘Moonglow’
25 Tulips sylvestris SW corner under Moonglow
5 Oenothera missouriensis Evening Primrose
Primula sp
Dicentra spectabilis
Mertensia virginica Virginia Bluebell
Galanthus nivalis Snowdrops
Mentha sp

Work Notes


3/2011:  Built raised beds and planted Pear trees

11/2011:  Planted Tulipa sylvestris,  Lilium tigrinum splendens, Muscari azureum?, Stokesia ‘Blue Danube’, Allium schubertii

Future Plans

Rearrange daffodils

Last Updated 22 March 2012


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