Vegetable Garden, Bed 1

Bed 1 – Solanacea

These beds contain mostly plants from the Solanaceae family – Tomatoes, Peppers, Tomatillos, Ground Cherries, Pepino, etc. with basil and marigolds as companion plants.  Many of these plants are heavy feeders, so this bed is top dressed with compost each year, and may even receive supplemental fertilization.  This is always one of the hardest beds for me to narrow down candidates.  If I could only grow one thing in my garden, it would be tomatoes and their relatives.

Bed Equipment:  12 TALL tomato cages

2012 Planting

Qty Plant


Days to Maturity


2 Yellow Currant Tomato Pinetree, 2012


2 Red Currant Tomato Pinetree, 2012


2 Yellow Brandywine Tomato Sarah, 2011


2 Sugar Plum Grape Tomato Harts, 2008


2 Opalka Tomato Sample Seeds, 2012


2 Bloody Butcher Tomato Totally Tomatoes, 2012


2 Green Tomatillo Lake Valley, 2011


2 Purple Tomatillo Pinetree, 2012


4 Ground Cherries Value Seeds, <2008?, Pinetree 2012


Try winter sowing. seed may be quite old. May want to establish in a spot where they can reseed
2 Sweet Pickle Pepper Totally Tomatoes, 2012


4 Mini Belle Peppers (2 red, 2 yellow) Sample Seeds, 2012


2 Hot Pepper (TBD)
4 Lettuce Leaf Basil  Lake Valley, 2011
2 Cinnamon Basil  Lake Valley, 2008
2 Lemon Basil  Lake Valley, 2008
Lemon Gem Marigold  T&M, 2009
Winter Rye Plant 9/1, Overwinter (new bed 2  )

Last Updated 21 March 2012


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