Garden Journal

This Garden Journal serves as a written and visual record of what’s planted where in the Garden in the Woods, and how it’s done over time.  By contrast, blog entries (click on Home at the top of any page) are updates on what’s happening at the moment.

The Garden Journal is broken up into chapters, each of which is a chunk of the garden.  This makes writing about an entire acre more manageable, as one small chunk is easier to document than all the garden at once.  Chances are it’s easier to read about an acre a small chunk at a time too.

As each chapter is completed, the links below will begin working.  To return to this page, either use the Back button on your browser or click Garden Journal at the top of any page.  The image on the right is a copy of our property plat over a Google maps photo with numbers added to indicate the location of each Garden Journal chapter.


  1. West Driveway Edge
  2. Lawn
  3. Front Island Bed
  4. Front East Edge
  5. East Front and Southeast Corner
  6. Front Door Containers
  7. West Front, Lawn to Sidewalk
  8. West Front, Sidewalk to House
  9. Small Pond
  10. West End of House & Northwest Garage Corner
  11. Garage Containers
  12. Terraced Driveway Bed
  13. Deck Containers
  14. North Driveway Containers 
  15. East Retaining Wall
  16. Northeast Addition Corner & East Addition Wall
  17. Water Garden
  18. North Bedroom Wall
  19. Vegetable Garden (updated!)
  20. Northeast House Corner & East End of House
  21. Side East Edge
  22. Back East Edge & Wildflower Meadow
  23. Front Central Woods
  24. Rock Garden
  25. Back Woods
  26. Back West Edge
  27. Berry Beds
  28. North Retaining Wall

Plant List (coming soon)
A spreadsheet listing all the plants that are (or have been) planted in the Garden in the Woods.


Last updated 14 July 2014


2 responses to “Garden Journal

  1. Holy schmolly, you aren’t kidding! A true journal charting your progress! Wow! Off to explore, Margie


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