Presented For Your Amusement,

the evolution (not yet complete) of the vegetable garden:

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Looking forward to improving this every year!



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7 responses to “Presented For Your Amusement,

  1. very nice gardening!


  2. Wow that is like those films of flowers opening, very cool and high tech of you too. I am so dang envious of your rocks… Do you realize that some people pay money to get rocks for gardens? I mean, I’ve HEARD about that happening. Well maybe happening twice. Beautiful veg garden!


    • Linniew, you might be less envious of those rocks if you knew how many of them were unearthed in the process of broadforking those beds! I do know people buy rocks; I’ve done it myself, and probably will again. Thanks for the praise, although the high tech was done entirely by wordpress. I’m glad you think it’s beautiful; my goal for next year is to add productive to the description.


  3. Looks great! The rocks I dig up are just compressed clay and quickly fall apart so I end up buying them. It seems an odd thing – to buy a rock. How has the garden fared this summer?


    • Casa mariposa, thank you for your kind words, and for coming by. I guess I’m lucky my rocks aren’t clay!
      Unfortunately, just a few days after the last picture, the deer decided squash leaves and tomatoes plants were deliciousness embodied. I’m counting the days till my deer fencing plan is finalized and approved by the HOA. We’re not too far from each other! I can never decide if it’s cooler to have local online virtual buddies or faraway ones. I love both kinds!


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