Piled Higher and Deeper

Three cheers for the Chief of Implementation! He built a new compost setup with four bins. Here’s the plan:

Bin 1 (on the right) contains “brown” stuff — high carbon material to balance the composition of the pile.  We’ll stockpile leaves in the fall here and add any leftover straw too.

Bin 2 (second from the right) contains the current year’s compost.  After every two inch layer of food scraps and garden waste are added, we’ll add a six inch layer of brown stuff.  Food scraps and garden waste are considered “green” compost materials that are high in nitrogen.

Bin 3 (second from the left) contains the previous year’s compost.  Once a year, we’ll turn Bin 2 over into Bin 3 and restart in Bin 2.

Bin 4 (on the left) contains compost from two years ago, which is ready to use.  Once a year, before turning Bin 2 over into Bin 3, we’ll turn Bin 3 over into Bin 4.

Here’s a picture of how it looks now.  The trash can is full of wood chips and leaves which are brown material from our old compost setup.  The orange wheel barrow contains the last of our old compost heap ready to be added.

Compost Bins, 31 May 2012

No glamorous pictures in this post, but I’m VERY excited about this setup.  Our old composter was overflowing and smelly because we weren’t careful about adding brown stuff to it.  This should be a much better setup.  This was inspired by the Urban Farm Handbook Challenge for February.  I’m late, but still game!

May your compost heat quickly, rot odorlessly and enrich your life.


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