Salad Greens for Breakfast?

Last September, I ran across a Kindle book on green smoothies.  We’ve enjoyed smoothies for years and have been gradually transitioning to healthier ingredient choices.  Originally, our smoothie recipes involved fruit and sweetened yogurt or fruit, sugar and milk.  We’ve slowly moved toward less sugar and less dairy in smoothies. I find that my sinuses are happier when I limit my dairy intake.

The 7-Day Green Smoothie Kickstart Guide was just the latest step.  I’m finding that I actually enjoy choosing a couple of fruits and a green each morning.  Today I blended a banana with water, added half a package of organic frozen strawberries, blended again, topped it off with all the good looking spinach leaves left from the overwintered container. Once blended all together it’s a funny green color, but quite yummy.

Overwintered Spinach, 22 March 2012 (BEFORE it bolted!)

Everyone in the family has been surprised at how good these smoothies taste despite the green colors.  I’m the most consistent consumer of green smoothies, but my husband and daughters often enjoy them too.  Even my mother-in-law has been known to sip one.

Following the recommendations in the book, I try to vary ingredients from day to day.  I’m quite pleased that my grocery store carries organic frozen strawberries, mango cubes and raspberries.  I’ve used lots of fresh oranges and bananas along with pears and other fruits. Frozen greens I use include kale, collards, spinach.  Fresh greens include whatever is available in the garden or store.  Here’s the spring planted salad table with seedling peas, lettuce and volunteer violas.

Spring Planted Salad Greens, 10 May 2012

I have to confess that my other favorite smoothie is butter pecan ice cream and Kahlua…


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