For LinnieW

who pruned her Spirea and got some flack for it. I did the same to mine about two years ago and here’s how it looks now:

Spirea, 23 March 2012

It’s actually bloomed a little more since that picture was taken last week.  Here’s a closeup of the blooms.

Spirea Bloom, 23 March 2012

They really do respond to drastic pruning.



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2 responses to “For LinnieW

  1. Peggy, you have no idea how timely this Spirea Reassurance was! Just yesterday I was outside inspecting (what remains of) my shrub, and noticing only some few little green leaves coming on new growth, and worrying that I had virtually killed it. (Or I should say Them– I will finally confess, right here on your blog– that there are TWO of these whacked spireas in my garden…) But you have made me understand they are indeed beginning to grow. It is still rather winter here, with snow again last week, but thanks to you and those pictures of your Recovered Plant, well I am totally reassured– it is beautiful! You can bet I will post images when I get any blooms –and you will be the first to hear about it– xo L


  2. I hoped this would encourage you. It did take two years to recover after I pruned it, so you may have to be patient. If you’re seeing any growth at all, they’ll be fine.


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