2012 Vegetable Garden Plans

At this point, I’m actually not too far behind in gardening.  The Chief of Implementation has been tremendously helpful along with Cricketwerks and her significant other.  We started the vegetable garden last year with the first two beds which were planted with tomatoes.  The deer were very grateful, but we harvested zilch.  THIS year, we’ll be fencing the garden as soon as possible after the other six beds are built.  Since they get planted at different times, we can spread the construction out.

Last year’s tomato beds are this year’s legume beds and I’m hoping to plant peas this weekend and transplant perennial green onions.  I’ll add some vermiculite to the beds before we plant and mulch afterward.  I’ve been reading that vermiculite is a good permanent amendment to improve drainage and the soil here is heavy clay.  Since this is the legume bed and it was thoroughly amended last year with compost and thoroughly mulched with shredded wood, I won’t add any fertilizer.  I’ve missed the first two planned plantings for this year, but planting outside during March is always a gamble, so I’m not too stressed.  I’m grateful to get ANY spring gardening done with a broken ankle.

The Chief of implementation has built the next pair of beds which will be planted with greens this year.  This weekend we’ll amend them with a couple of wheelbarrows of compost each and also with vermiculite.  I’ll plant out a few seedlings and direct seed a wide variety of cool season and long season greens.

Before mid May, he’ll build a pair for tomatoes and another pair for squash.  In addition to compost and vermiculite, we’ll amend those with homemade fertilizer.  We’ll also fence the whole bed with 7′ tall deer netting hoping to cut down on their depredations.

Here’s a diagram of the plan for this year.

2012 Veg Garden Plan

The entire garden is eight raised beds 8′ x 4′.  There’s a tree stump in the middle of the second row that’s not shown which probably cuts four to six square feet out of the bed.  I plant each bed with one or more botanical families and rotate each year so the same family is in the same bed every four years.

For more details, check out the Vegetable Garden Journal page.  It includes an overview of the location, snapshots of the garden so far and links to detailed information on each of the beds including specific varieties I’m planting. this year.

Here’s hoping for good harvests for everyone!



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4 responses to “2012 Vegetable Garden Plans

  1. You must be a very organized person, love you diagram, your garden is so well laid out.


    • Norma, SOMETIMES I’m organized. On the other hand, I’m not really sure where my tax papers for 2011 are, and it’s time to do taxes now…

      Thanks so much for stopping by. I checked out your blog and subscribed through Google Reader. I’m very excited about the yummy recipes and beautiful garden pictures there.


  2. Planning for the tomatoes is much more important than finding the tax papers. You have your priorities in order.


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