Just a Quick Update

I missed posting last week due to a broken ankle and the ensuing medical appointments and narcotic stupor.  I’ll be woozy for most of this week after having surgery Monday to insert a plate, screws and wires to stabilize the shattered fibula.  This is a huge gardening disappointment for me.

In addition to the fact that gardening season is just starting, if this hadn’t happened, I would be driving halfway across the States to visit a friend for the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show with a stop en route at Mary’s Greenhouse to buy new plants for this year’s garden. This isn’t quite an annual pilgrimage, but I have been going off and on for about 16 years.

I just got off the phone, and the amazing people at Mary’s agreed to ship an order to me if I get at least 3 flats even though they don’t usually ship retail orders.  Considering my usual purchase there, it will be no problem to come up with that many plants. *grin*




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7 responses to “Just a Quick Update

  1. So very sorry to read about your ankle! I left a more detailed post on your other blog but just want to say hang in there and do what you can! Happy to hear that the nursery will ship your flats to you!


  2. My heart goes out to you! hope you recuperate quickly!


  3. Wow your February wasn’t so hot either Peggy! So sorry! I hope you enjoyed every ounce of that experience of ordering tons of plants from the nursery you love. You have a terrific positive perspective (I read the previous post too) and will manage to get the good from this event, so important always. hugs, L


    • Linnie, Thankfully February is over. The daffodils are starting to bloom, we’ve had a few nice days, and I could be a LOT worse off. Of course I have your blog entries to brighten my days when I get down in the dumps. *grin*


  4. How miserable, and frustrating too. Very sorry and hope the worst will be over soon:)


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